Importance of Relationship | Value your partner before its too late

Have You ever feel disturbed with small things in the relationship. Sometimes Just Idiosyncrasies that bother you a lot.?Do you feel depressed and down on a daily basis?there are so many questions but before explaining them have you ever wanted to express your appreciation but something holding you back because of some trivial issue that happened or are probably waiting for another person to start first.?

If you are in such a situation then let me tell you a very interesting story.

There was a couple who had courted each other for four years then Gotten Married,It was their fourth wedding anniversary.Things had change since their marriage the once couldn’t live without each other couple had turned so bitter over 4 years that it looked like they were the now cant live with each other couple.Things were changed situations wee changed.They were always pointing out mistakes They were picking Faults in each other bickering over trivial things and both didn’t like they way things had changed. 

The spark of love that they once felt was gone now mostly there was fire of fighting and sometimes just fire fighting Alina was waiting for Ishaan on that day waiting to see if he remembered that it was their anniversary just then the phone rang Alina rushed to receive the call expecting it to be Ishaan’s and hoping that this could be the beginning of reviving their connect again.

As she held her phone to her ears eagerly waiting for the word.Happy Anniversary Honey! Just on my way home.She was disappointed to hear some other man.Hello Mam I am calling from the police station.Is this Mr Ishaan’s Number?

Yes It is! Alina replied We are very sorry to say this Mam but there was a major accident and a man has died.We got this number from Ishaan’s Wallet can you kindly come and identify his body? Alina was shocked! She Sunk into the couch practically losing her consciousness a train of thoughts uncontrollably racing in her mind. How could this happen??She started recalling all her memories she spent with him.She lost her focus and compsosure .
She screamed how Can I live without Ishaan? I have always loved him and I still love him. Yes he’s Been unreasonable sometimes, but so have I.Yes he has faults, but so do I have? Ishaan you are so loving and caring.

Yes we had differences But I love you. And today on our anniversary, I also wanted to say sorry and tell you how much you mean to me but you are gone
Alina burst out crying and she fell down to the floor no Ishaan please don’t go. I love you.I am sorry.Lets start a new chapter.

Please Ishaan, please. Right after that time the doorbell rang and Alina was not in a condition to reach to the door, somehow dragged her to the door still weeping and uncontrollably, and opened it.

Ishaan was shocked and asked what happened why you are looking so worried and caring at the same time. Ishaan consoled her and after she regained her composure. She told him about the phone call from police station. She explained to him everything about the phone call and explained why she reacted like that. She said sorry for everything. And Ishaan replied I am so sorry dear.I forgot to tell you that my wallet got stolen today. Ishaan also was feeling sorry for her, he told it was an error from his side also that he didn’t inform you. He was regretting that because of that wallet such a big incident happened and he was regretting a lot. Both regained their composure and then they celebrated their 4th anniversary in deep gratitude and many more Later.

Life might not give us a second chance to say sorry.
Life might not give us a second chance to say how much we love someone.
Life might not give u a second chance to express our appreciation.
Do not wait Say it today do it today. Reconcile today.
Life too short to hold grudges to fight to go on ego trip.
Life might not give us a second chance to forgive someone.
Live with your heart and live without regrets.

People are so busy in their life so they couldn't able to express their feelings.
Only after a lesson they will try to express their feelings that how much they care for them.So dear readers don't wait for your partners to initiate talks with you after an argument or fight just start and close at the same time.

When someone gets angry they need sometime to back to to their normal state.So you must leave your ego and start the discussion.Your reputation or value will not be decreased if you aks for an apology if you think so then its wrong. Remember god controls everything he is the decision maker so it doesn't matter who ask for an apology its about who follow the god words.

There is a separate topic that power of spoken words which help us to understand that what does the words play the role in any conversation.One have to be very careful about their choice of word while speaking. Selection of words decide the quality of the conversation.Any form of fight starts with an argument ,and why people go into an argument because of angriness in the nature .Why people gets angry during an argument for that you have to go through the roots of anger topic that is covered well with the reference of Bhagavad Gita.

importance of reltaionship

Imagine the world without the person you love the most, life will be meaningless for you.
So value the person who is around you and care them with your heart.

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