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Gita Insight is an Initiative to provide the information related to Hinduism with scriptural reference.

Through our articles, books we want to present the authentic information to our readers.We do not involve saints or  guru to write anything  for this website.We believe that the paths to God are many and individuals have to choose what suits them best.

As in Hinduism there are many kinds of beliefs and people are following it without knowing the exact reason behind it.When being asked about they don't have answer to justify it .So, Gita Insight main aim to answer those question with scriptural reference.

Also we have provided download link of most of the important scriptures in each section of page and in Download section.

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Charity and Social Welfare

Recently we have started free charity on local level across the states of North India.We are slowly expanding our reach to other states as well.

We are helping weaker section of our society through education.We believe by feeding and organizing free food camp will only help them to fulfill their meals of one or two times .For avoiding such situations we are providing them opportunities to contribute to society with numerous work opportunities which includes,handicraft items,Hand Printing, Tie & Dye, Batik, Artistic Weaving, Embroidery,Moulding, Shaping, Firing, Etching, Painting, Glazing Appliqué, Knotting, Tufting, Felting, Knitting, Painting,Carving, Engraving, Turning, Lacquering, Painting, Inlay, Marquetry and many more choices of activity based upon their level of interest.

This social experiment is just in the initial level and for that we are collecting below items too facilitate them.

1.Old Books

2.Old Clothes

3.Old accessories of any kinds(Toys,Electronics parts,household items)

4.Games Accessories Indoor and Outdoor Both

5.Raw materials we are providing on our own for Clay,Ceramic and electronics      spare items.

We are building their markets by post market promotion and through societies campaign.Still we are in early phase so we are not able to organised events on a large scale because of Covid and other restrictions.

We are firm believer of Hinduism ideology so we focus on implementation rather than showing off what we are doing.For some it will be an offensive statement but we obey what our scripture says;

Krishna ji says

Sacrifice, enjoined by the scriptures and performed without the desire for the fruit, with a firm belief and conviction that it is a duty, is in the mode of goodness(Sattvic). (17.11)

Sacrifice that is performed only for show and aiming for fruit, is in the mode of passion (Rajasic), O Arjuna. (17.12)

Sacrifice that is performed without following the scripture, in which no food is distributed, which is devoid of mantra, faith, and gift, is said to be in the mode of ignorance(Tamasic). (17.13) 

Thank you very much for visiting our about us section.

Keep us in our prayer no matter from which religion you are.

We do the same for all God created things.

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