Krishna and Karna Discussion in Mahabharta | Fault of Karna in Mahabharata

Krishna and Karna Discussion in Mahabharta

Karna asked Krishna - My mother abandoned me when I was born. Was it my fault to have an illegitimate child?
Dronacharya did not teach me because I was not a Kshatriya son.

Parshuram ji taught me right but cursed that at the time when I would need that education the most, I would forget it. Because according to him I was not a Kshatriya.

Only by coincidence, a cow hit me and its owner cursed me when I had no fault.

I was insulted in Draupadi Swayamvara.
Mata Kunti finally told me my birth secret even to save her other sons.

Karna said ,Whatever I have received is from Duryodhana itself.

* So, if I fight on his behalf, where am I wrong?

* Krishna replied:

* Karna, I was born in a prison.

* Before birth, death was waiting for me.

* The night I was born, the same night I was away from my parents.
* Your childhood was spent listening to their sound among the sword, chariot, horse, bow and arrow. I found a cow cow cow, got cow dung and could even stand and walk before it had to face many fatal attacks.

* No army, no education. Taunts got from people that I am the reason for their problems. When your Guru was praising your valor, I did not get any education at that age. When I was sixteen years old, the sage reached the gurukula of Sandipan.
* You could marry a girl of your choice.

* I did not get the girl I loved and had to marry those whom I wanted or whom I had saved from demons.

* My entire society had to be shifted from the banks of Yamuna and settled on a far sea, to save them from Jarasandha. Due to migration from Ran, I was also called Bhiru.

If Duryodhana wins the war then you will get a lot of credit.
* What will I get if Dharmaraja wins?

* I will only be blamed for the problems created by war and war.

* Remember one thing Karna -

* Challenges life to everyone, life does not do justice to anyone. If Duryodhana has faced injustice, Yudhishthira also pays injustice.

* But you know what true religion is.
* No matter how insulting, we may not get what we have right ... The importance is how you face that crisis at that time.

* Stop crying, Karna, life does not do justice, it does not mean that you are allowed to walk the path of unrighteousness.

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