Mahabharata: Do you know this story of King Pandu?|The Story of King Pandu and Pandavas

Mahabharata: Do you know this story of King Pandu?

Pandu was made king in the place Dhritarashtra was blind since birth. Due to this, Dhritarashtra would always get angry at his blindness and started feeling disgusted with Pandu. Pandu conquered the whole of India and extended the boundaries of the Kuru kingdom to the country of the forests.
Once King Pandu along with his two wives (Kunti and Madri) went to the forest for hunting. There he saw a mating pair of deer. Pandu immediately wounded the antelope with his arrow. The dying sage-like innocent sage cursed Pandu, 'Rajan! A cruel man like you will be nobody in this world. You have shot me at the time of sexual intercourse, so whenever you become pregnant, you will die. '

Pandu became very sad due to this curse and said to his queens, 'O ladies! Now I will leave all my desires and stay in this forest, you guys return to Hastinapur. ' Hearing his words, both the queens became sad and said, 'Nath! We cannot live for a single moment without you, please also keep us with you in the forest.

Pandu accepted his request and allowed him to live with him in the forest. During this time, King Pandu saw sages and sages on Amavasya going to see Brahmaji. He urged those sages and sages to take themselves along. On his request, sages and sages said, 'Rajan! No child can be entitled to go to Brahmalok, so we are unable to take you with us.

On hearing the sages and sages, Pandu said to his wife, 'O Kunti! My birth is getting worse, because a childless person cannot get rid of father-debt, sage-loan, god-loan and man-loan. Can you help me get a son? '

Kunti said, 'O Aryaputra! Durvasa Rishi has given me such a mantra that by invoking any deity I can get the desired thing. You command that which god should I call? ' At this, Pandu ordered Dharma to be invited. Dharma provided a son to Kunti named Yudhishthira. Later, Pandu ordered Kunti to invite Vayudev and Indradev again. Bhima from Vayudev and Arjuna originated from Indra. Subsequently, with the permission of Pandu, Kunti initiated the mantra to Madri. Madri invited Ashwankumar and Nakula and Sahadeva were born.

One day King Pandu was touring along the Madri on the banks of Sarita in the forest. The atmosphere was very pleasant and there was a cool, slow and fragrant air. Suddenly, Madri's clothes flew away with the wind. This made Pandu's mind flickering and he was already engaged in sex that he died under curse.

Madri sati with him but Kunti returned to Hastinapur to raise the sons. The sages living there left the Pandavas and came to the palace. At the behest of Rishi-Muni and Kunti, everyone accepted the Pandavas as the sons of Pandu and welcomed them.

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