Story of Nar & Narayan | Mahabharata Relation to Nar and Narayan

 Story of Nar & Narayan

There was an asura .. Dambodbhava.He did great penance of Suryadev. When the Sun God appeared pleased and asked for a boon, he asked for the boon of "immortality".

Suryadev said that this is not possible.

Then he asked that he be protected by a thousand divine armor. Only one of them could break the armor that had done a thousand years of penance ..

And as soon as one breaks any armor, it dies instantly.

Suryadevata became very worried. They were able to understand so much that this asura would misuse this boon.

But in front of his penance he was compelled. He had to give this boon to him.

After being protected by these armor, that is what Suryadev was afraid of.

Dambodbhava, considering himself immortal with the power of his thousand armor, started committing atrocities as he wished.

He came to be known as "Sahasra Kavach".

On the other hand, Sati's father "Daksha Prajapati" married his daughter "Murthy" to Brahma's psyche son "Dharma".

Murthy had heard about Sahasrakavacha .. and he prayed to Shri Vishnu that he come to finish it.

Vishnu assured him that they would do so.

In due course, the idol gave birth to two twin sons named Nar and Narayan.

Both were one in two bodies - one soul in two bodies. Vishnu ji had descended into two bodies simultaneously as male and Narayan .

Both brothers grew up. Once Dambodhbhav climbed this forest. Then he saw a stunning man coming towards him and felt fear.

The man said that I am "male" and have come to fight with you.

Dambodbhava laughed even in fear. What do you know about me?

My armor can only be broken by those who have meditated for a thousand years.

The male laughed and said that I and my brother Narayan are one and the same - he is doing penance instead of me, and I am fighting for him.

The war started, and Sahasra Kavach continued to wonder that the power of the male was really increasing with the tenacity of Narayana.

As the time of the thousand years was over, the male broke an armor of sahasra armor.

But according to the boon of the sun, as soon as the armor broke the men fell down dead.

Sahasra Kavach thought, let's go to an armor, but it died.

Then he saw that the male was running towards him and he was surprised.

Just now the male had died in front of him and this is still alive, how else have I come running ???

But then he saw that the male was lying dead, it looked like his brother was Narayan.

Who was running not towards Dambodbhav but towards his brother male.

Dambodbhava said to Narayan that he should have explained to his brother that he lost his life in vain.

Narayan smiled peacefully. He recited a mantra sitting near the male and miraculously the male sat up.

Then Dambodbhav understood that Narayana had attained the death mantra by performing the penance of Shiva for a thousand years.

With which they can revive their brother ...

Now this time Narayan challenged Dambodbhav and sat in male penance.

After thousands of years of war and penance, one armor was broken again and Narayan died.

Then the male came and revived Narayan, and this cycle continued again.

This is how the war took place 999 times. One brother used to do battle and other austerities. Each time the first died the second would revive him.

When 999 armor broke, Sahasrakvach understood that I will die now.

Then he gave up the war and fled to Suryaloka and took shelter of Suryadev.

Nara and Narayan followed him and asked Suryadev to hand him over.

But Suryadev did not agree on handing it to his devotee.

Then Narayana cursed Suryadev by taking water from his kamandala, that you are trying to save this asura from his karma.

For which you too became a partaker of its sins and you too will be born with it to enjoy its fruits.

With this, the Tretayug came to an end and Dwapara started.

After a while, Kunti ji invoked Suryadev while testing his boon, and Karna was born.

But it is not generally known that, Karna is not just Suryaputra, but he has both Surya and Dambodbhava within him.

Just as there was one soul in two bodies in Nar and Narayana, similarly, one body of Karna is inhabited by two souls .Surya and Sahasrakavacha.

On the other hand, Nara and Narayan came this time as Arjuna and Krishna.

The Sun which is part of Karna makes it a magnificent hero.

Whereas, due to his being dumb founded within it, his actions cause him many injustices and insults and motivates him to insult Draupadi and do many such abuses.

If Arjuna had broken Karna's armor, he would have died immediately. That is why Indra had already demanded his armor from him.

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