Who was the Manthara in Ramayana?

Who was the Manthara in Ramayana?

Manthara was said to have a very important role in Valmiki's Ramayana. Because of that, Lord Sri Rama had to suffer exile for 14 years. Manthara and Queen Kaikeyi belonged to Kekay country. Let's know who this mantra was. Kaikeya Naresh was the third wife of Kaikeyi Raja Dasaratha, daughter of Ashwapati Emperor. Apart from being very beautiful, there was also a heroine. Probably that is why she loved King Dasaratha. It is said that at the time of marriage Kaikayi's maid Manthara also came with her.

According to a story, King of the country "Kekay"named Ashwapati  has one brother named as Brihadshva. She had a daughter with huge nuns named Rekha, she was a good friend of Kaikeyi since childhood. She was Rajakanya and had intelligence, but she had a disease in childhood. In this disease, his whole body was filled with sweat due to which he felt very thirsty. One day very distraught with thirst, he drank a syrup made from cardamom, sugar, and sandalwood. After drinking that syrup, all the parts of his body stopped working. Immediately his father got his beloved daughter treated by renowned doctors. He survived medical treatment but his spinal cord was crooked forever. 

For this reason, his name became Manthara. She remained unmarried for a lifetime due to her physical maladies. When Kaikeyi got married she became Kaikeyi's bodyguard with the permission of her father and resided in his palace. According to legends, in the previous birth, there was a Gandharva girl named Manthara Dundubh. According to another legend, according to the sage Lomash, Manthara was the daughter of Virochan, the son of Prahlada in a previous birth. 

Valmiki is believed to be the nymph sent by Indra in the Ramayana, who came to exile Lord Rama. Manthara Katha: When Maharaja Dasaratha spoke of the coronation of his eldest son Rama in Chaitra month, then the inspired Kubri Manthara came and told this news to Kaikeyi. Hearing this, Kaikeyi was immersed in joy and in return for this news presented a jewel to Manthara. Manthara threw the jewel and explained it to Kaikeyi a lot directly. But Kaikeyi does not listen to Manthara and says that it is Raghukul's practice that only the eldest son takes over the kingdom and how do I think about my son? Ram is dear to everyone.

 Then, on the pretext of Manthara, Kaikeyi remembered his two boons, and Kaikeyi had fraud in her mind. Actually, once King Dasaratha participated in the Devasur Sangram at the behest of Indra. He was supported by his wife Kaikeyi in this war. Dasaratha was unconscious during the war. Kaikeyi brought him out of the battlefield when the king was unconscious, so Dasharatha was pleased and promised two boons. 

Then Kaikeyi had said that when the time comes, he will ask. Later on, filling the ear of Manthara, Kaikeyi went to the Kop Bhavan at the behest of Manthara and reminded King Dasaratha of his two boons. King Dasaratha said that ask for a boon. Kaikeyi then demanded Rama's exile and kingdom for Bharata as his boon. On hearing this Varadasa, King Dasharatha broke down to the inside. When Shatrughan came to know that my Ram was exiled due to Manthara, Shatrughan kicked the hump of Kubri Maasi Manthara.

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