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Adbhut Ramayan-Mysterious Secrets From Ramayana

Adbhut Ramayan the name itself indicates that its is kind of something unheard story from the EPIC Ramayana.

We all know about the epic story of Ramayana that consist of Lord Ram and Sita, their birth, their upbringing, their 14-year exile to the forest and the great war between Lord Ram and 10 headed Ravan when Ravan abducted Sita. But there are many things that are not revealed in the conventional Ramayana. The Ramayana has many versions and every version has a different perspective about the story. One of such version is Adbhut Ramayan in which many strange, mysterious and fascinating stories have been depicted that are not commonly known to people.

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Lord Shri Ram killed Ravana in battle. After this, when he reached Ayodhya with all the people, there was a grand reception. Ghee lamps were burnt all over Ayodhya. Janta Janardan went to the song Mangal. His return to Ayodhya and Ravana slaughter were celebrated. After this, the coronation of Shri Ram was done.

After the coronation, Mother Sita smiled when Rishimuni was praising the heroic skills of Shri Ram. There was a deep secret behind his smile. The reason for this laughter when Prabhu Shriram asked Mata Sita, he told that now Ravana's brother is alive with whom to fight. After this, Lord Sri Ram started preparing for war.

Sita ji told that the name of Ravana's brother who is alive is Sahasranan. Mother Sita told Lord Rama that as long as Sahasranan is alive, this victory and valor saga has no meaning. After this, Prabhu Shriram ordered his Chaturanga army to battle. Mother Sita, Vibhishan, Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughna, Hanuman all agreed with them for the war.

Description found in Adbhut Ramayana

Prabhu Shri Ram's war with Sahasranan is described in the Adbhut Ramayana. It is in Sanskrit language which is a special poem of 27 cantos composed. Valmiki was the inspiration of this book. But scholars are of the opinion that from the language and composition of this book, it appears that the 'Adbhut Ramayana' was composed later.

Who was Sahastra ravan

Sahastra ravan used to rule over Sahasraskandha. Like Ravana it was also very powerful. When there was a war between him and Lord Shri Ram, Sahasranan threw all the army and knights of Sri Ram into Ayodhya with just one arrow. Lord Ram became unconscious in this war. Nobody was conscious except mother Sita.

Mother Sita Took the Incarnation of Kali

Seeing Lord Shri Ram in a stunned state, Mother Sita got so angry that she became 'Asita' ie Kali. Mother Sita, wearing the form of Kali, then killed Sahasramukh.

Now Let's see the overview of Adbhut Ramayan 

This article consist of two parts

  • Creation of Adhut Ramayan
  • Contents of Adbhut Ramyan

Creation of Adbhut Ramayan

Once sage Bhardwaj asked the great sage Valmiki to narrate some secret and mysterious aspects of Ramayan and as a result, Adbhut Ramayan was written by sage Valmiki. But like all other works of Valmiki it is also written in Sanskrit and is difficult to understand for common people. Valmiki Ramayana and Adbhut Ramayan are two different scriptures.An author and a great devotee of Lord Ram, The writer Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia, has beautifully transliterated the original Sanskrit text and presented general English commentary about each verse in his book Adbhut Ramayan. The book is presented in a very simple manner with the ease in language.

The author has also appended his own notes to the verses to explain the points and clarify doubts of the readers wherever needed. Adbhut Ramayan is an illustration of the epic story of Ramayan as it doesn’t contain the general perception of Ramayan in which Lord Ram is the main hero and he occupies the central stage throughout the epic. The whole story in Adbhut Ramayan revolves around Sita more than Lord Ram. Also, the Adbhut Ramayan is poetized in 27 cantos instead of the standard pattern of seven kaands that the conventional Ramayan has.

 Ajai Kumar’s Adbhut Ramayan is identical to the original version except the transliteration and commentary. 

Contents of Adbhut Ramayan

The best thing about this book is that the author has neither added nor lessen anything and presented the exact emotions in general English. A page showing key to transliteration is given to understand the actual pronunciation of each name and Sanskrit words mentioned in the book. The first canto shows the sage Bhardwaj approaching the sage Valmiki to narrate the verses that are unavailable and mysterious. The story begins with the second canto where lord Vishnu offers boon to King Ambrish. King Ambrish was one of the ancestors of Lord Ram and a devotee of Lord Vishnu. 

The third and fourth cantos describes why and how the sage Narad cursed the Lord Vishnu to take birth as a human on earth. The Fifth canto is about a sage Kaushik who was famous for his devotional songs of Lord Vishnu and how Kaushik along with other devotees found residence in Vishnu Lok. Sixth to eighth cantos shows music festival organized by Lord Vishnu in which sage Narad cursed Lakshmi and Sita’s birth as the daughter of Mandodari who was the wife of ten-headed Ravan. In canto nine, the story directly jumps to the Sage Parshuram coming angrily when Lord Ram breaks the Lord Shiva’s bow. 

From the tenth canto till sixteenth canto, the story moves quickly forward to Lord Rama’s exile, Sita’s abduction, Lord Ram meets Hanuman and enlighten him about the metaphysical concepts, Lord Ram’s departure to Lanka, slaying of ten headed Ravan and their triumphant return to Ayodhya. The real story of Adbhut Ramayan begins with the seventeenth canto where Sita unfolds the story of Sahasra Ravan in the court of Ayodhya. Sahasra Ravan had thousand heads and was the elder brother of 10 headed ravan. In between the eighteenth canto to the twenty-first canto, Lord Ram collects his army and departs to Pushkar to conquer the thousand headed Ravan and the war happens at Puskar.

From the twenty second canto to the twenty-sixth canto, all the events of Pushkar war like fainting of Lord Ram, Sita entering the war in her horrifying form of Mahakali and demise of thousand headed Ravan, are briefly described. At last, the twenty-seventh canto shows the arrival of Lord Ram and Sita at Ayodhya. 

About Adbhut Ramayan Translated Version

Writing Style of the author is brilliant. With delightful commentary, Ajai Kumar’s Adbhut Ramayan is an excellent result of knowledge and sincere devotion.

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