Gotra in Hinduism Tradition and its importance

Gotra In Hinduism

The literal meaning of 'Gotra' in brahmin society is very broad. 

The word Gotra comes from two Sanskrit words: Gou, meaning Cow, and Tra meaning Shed hence Gotra in Brahmin literally means Cowshed. 'Go' means senses, while 'tra' means 'to protect', hence Gotra also means 'protector from sense shock', which clearly indicates 'sage'.Scholars have also interpreted it appropriately from time to time.

Generally 'Gotra' is considered to be related to the sage tradition. For the Brahmins, 'Gotra' is especially important because Brahmins are considered to be the children of sages. Hence each Brahmin is related to a Rishikul .

In ancient times, Gotra tradition started in the name of four sages. These are the sages - Angira, Kashyapa, Vasishta and Bhrigu. After some time Jamadagni, Atri, Vishwamitra and Agastya also joined it. In practice, 'Gotra' means identity. Which is for Brahmins from their Rishikul.

In the Sanatan Dharma, Gotra is linked with eight different ancestors: the Saptarishis (Seven Sacred Saints) and one Bharadwaja Rishi. Here is the list  Gotra in Brahmin.









They are known as Gotrakarin, in other words, the roots of Gotras. Every other Brahmin has evolved from these eight Gotras. The total, today, has reached 49 for Brahmin Gotras. Each of them finally traces back to the core Gotra: Gotrakarin Rishi.

Later, when the Varna system took the form of caste-system, then this identity also became related to place and karma. This is the reason that the gotras of the classes other than Brahmins belong mostly to their place of origin or karma kshetra. The main sentiment behind 'Gotra' is that of aggregation, but due to lack of mutual love and harmony in the present time, the importance of Gotra has also been gradually reduced to an only ritualistic formality.

When you don't know Gotra.

In Brahmins, when no one has knowledge of his 'Gotra', he chants 'Kashyapa' Gotra. This would have been because the sage Kashyapa had more than one marriage and had many sons. Due to having many sons, such Brahmins who do not know their 'Gotra' are considered to be related to the sage Rishikul of 'Kashyapa'.

How you can find your Gotra

A person gets information about his gotra only from the elders of his family. Therefore, the only way to know about your gotra and to pass this tradition to your descendants is to know about your gotra from your elders and share it with your son and great-grandson.

If there is no elder in your family and you do not know about your gotra, then you can get information from people around you in this matter. Such as: If you are a villager, it often happens that most of the houses in the village belong to the same gotra. In such a situation, you can easily get to know your gotra from people around you.

Sometimes it happens that your ancestors have started living in the city for the last 40 or 50 years. In such a situation, first try to find out from which village your ancestors were from. By going to that village, you can get information about your gotra from the people around you.

Apart from all this, there is no such astrology in practice that can inform you about your gotra.

Importance of Gotra 

Gotra is given importance due to the advancement of a clan or clan and due to its trait. Due to gotra, the total and birth information of a person is known. The traditions and qualities of the clan are also influenced by the gotra. In the ancient times, the caste system was at its peak, in which the upper caste people used to wear gotras with their names. Then the Shudras also started planting gotras. Thus gotras became popularly known as a priest. However, there have been many changes.

Marriage is not possible in the same gotra

No matter how important the gotra is, but marriages are not done in the same gotra. In the same gotra, there are brothers and sisters from boy to girl. Hence, marriage with the same gotra is not considered auspicious. Equal gotra marriage is prohibited in Hinduism. It is also believed that marriage in the same gotra gives birth to a deformed child. On the other hand, after eight generations, marriage in the same gotra is possible but not completely valid.Doubts also continue. So in this way, the importance of gotra has been given more importance in Hinduism. Any person has gotra related to religion.

With regard to gotra, this is a question that comes in everyone's mind. In Hinduism, a gotra is also asked during marriage so that both bride and groom are not of one gotra. Marriage in the same gotra is prohibited. According to Hindu beliefs, gotra is directly related to sage. That sage is the father of a woman or man who falls under that gotra.

That is, all the people who come in a gotra are siblings of each other. For this reason, marrying in Saman gotra is considered taboo. In earlier times, not only boys and girls, but also the gotra of parents, grandparents and grandparents were seen. But nowadays modern people consider only the gotra of bride and groom. Some even bypass it. But according to Hindu beliefs, getting married in a gotra is wrong.

Do people believe in Gotra?

Yes Gotra is often used during various worship ceremonies and in the marriage as discussed above.every pooja consist of sankalp and in that sankalp you have to follow certain protocols of the rituals..

The sankalp format is stated below.

Om Vishnuh Vishnuh Vishnuh Om

Shri Govinda Govinda Shrimad bhagavata mahapurushasya 

Vishnuragnaya pravartamanasya

Adya Brahmanah dwitiya-parardhe

Shri Shweta-varaha kalpe 

Vaivaswat Manwantare

Ashtavisnatame yuge 

Kaliyuge Kali-prathama charane


 ...1... -Dwipe ...2... -varshe ...3... -khande ...4... - antargata ...5... -kshetre ...6... -tire

...7... -Samvatsare ...8... -Ayane ...9... -Ritou

Chandaramanenah ...10... -Mas-e ...11... -Pakshe ...12... -Tithou ...13... -Vasare

...14... -Gotra Shri/Shrimati...15... -Devasharma-a/Senasharma-a/Dasasharma-a/Devadas-i/devi kritaitat ShriParameshwara prityartham ...16... karmahang karishyami.)

As you can certain information is collected for the sankalp and at no 14 the Gotra is mentioned.This is followed in every rituals,whether it is a normal Pooja or Marriage cermomny.

So I hope all the doubts and question related to Gotra has been answered .If there is any doubt persist then please share us in the comment section.

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