Importance of tying Kalava Mauli in Hinduism

Reason for Tying Mauli in Hand

In Hinduism, on any occasion of any religious ritual or worship, people tie a red thread on the wrist of their hand, which is known by different names in different places. Many people call it Rakshasutra or Mauli, then many people also know it by the name of Kalava and Kangan.  Mauli tying is a part of Vedic tradition.It is called Kalawa because of tying Mauli to the wrist(Kalai is wrist in Hindi).Its Vedic name is Manibandh.

There are 3 reasons for tying  Kalava or Mauli in hinduism,that is Spiritual,medicinal & psychological. Kalava is widely used during hindu rituals.Although today there is a difference in the appearance of Janev, Mauli, Kalava, and Rakhi. Janev is a separate topic. But do you know why Mauli means Kalawa after worshiping, what is its significance? If you do not have an answer, then, we will share some important things about the importance of Kalava.

10 major reasons for tying Mauli on the hand.

1. To protect someone: First of all Indra's wife Shachi tied the Raksha Sutra to protect Indra in the battle with Kartsura. Therefore whenever someone goes to war, he is worshiped by tying Kalaya, Molly or Raksha Sutra on his wrist.

2. To give a promise to someone: The sacrificial king of the Asuras, Bali, had tied the Raksha Sutra in the Yajna before donating it and then when he gave three steps of land to the charity, Lord Vamana was pleased for his immortality on his wrist. Tied up and promised to protect her and promised to be with her forever.

3. Siblings to protect each other: It is also considered a symbol of Rakshabandhan, while Goddess Lakshmi tied this bond to protect her husband in the hands of King Bali and took her husband with her.

4. For Mannat: Molly is also tied to the goddess in place of a deity and when the vow is completed it is opened.

5. To protect everyone: It is also tied to a new item brought to the house and it is also tied to animals. Apart from this, our cows, bulls and buffaloes are also tied in domesticated animals like Padwa, Govardhan and Molly on Holi.

6. For beginning any auspicious task: When starting any auspicious work or buying a new item, we tie it to Molly so that it will provide auspiciousness in our life. In the beginning of a good deed, Molly also binds for resolve.

7. In every religious ritual: In Hinduism, every religious ritual i.e. worship, inauguration, yagna, havan, rites, mangalik karya, etc. is preceded by the priests in the right hand of the Yajman.

8. Molly performs defense: When tying Molly in the wrist, make kalava or sub-bandh. There are 3 lines at the root of the hand, which is called manibandhi. The origin of destiny and lifeline is also the continent. These three lines have the power to give and release three forms of heat, such as physical, divine and physical.

The names of these tribes are Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Similarly, Shakti, Lakshmi and Saraswati also live here. When we read the mantra of Kalava for protection and tie it in the wrist, this three thread is dedicated to the trinity and trishkis, which protects the creature holding the Raksha-sutra in all ways. By tying this Raksha-sutra with determination, the person does not have the effect of Maran, Mohan, Vidyutana, Uchchatan, Bhootaan, and Witchcraft.Reason for Three Knots to Be Tied.Basically,if you notice your wrist, you may observe that there are three veins or naadis which are running towards palm.Each of those naadis is related to three bodily constituents viz Vata,Pitt and kapha.First constituent, Vata, or Vayu is related to system and is critical to channelize the energy within right direction.Second constituent, Pitt or bile is liable for the digestion process and therefore the blood circulation to different parts of the body. Third constituent Kapha or phlegm is that the carrier of nutrients into the arterial system.

The idea behind tying three knots is to put pressure on these veins or naadis to work in a proper manner ensuring the well being of that person.

It is believed in the scriptures that tying Mauli brings blessings of Trideva - Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and the three goddesses - Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati. Kirti is done by the grace of Brahma, protected by the grace of Vishnu and by the grace of Shiva, enemies are destroyed. Similarly, wealth comes from Lakshmi, power from Durga and wisdom from the grace of Saraswati. This molly is also tied in the name of a goddess or deity, which protects the person from troubles and calamities. It is also tied for vows in temples.

There is determination in it. Violating the resolution made by tying Molly can prove to be unfair and endangering. If you have tied this molly in the name of a goddess or deity, then it is also necessary to take care of its purity. With regard to the molly tied at the waist, scholars say that it keeps the subtle body stable and no other evil spirit can enter your body. Mollies are often tied at the waist to children. It is also a black thread. This does not cause any type of disease in the stomach.

9. Molly for health: Since ancient times, the tradition of tying molly to the wrist, legs, waist, and neck also has medical benefits. According to physiology, it maintains a balance of Tridosha i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Old Vaidyas and elderly people of the family used to use Molly in the hands, waist, throat and toe, which was beneficial for the body. Tying Molly has been reported to be beneficial to prevent diseases such as blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes and paralysis.

The major control of body structure is in the wrist of the hand, so tying the molly here keeps the person healthy. There is not much loss of energy. According to physiology, the veins reaching several major organs of the body pass through the wrist. By tying Kalava on the wrist, the action of these nerves is controlled. About the molly tied at the waist, scholars say that it keeps the subtle body stable and no other evil spirit can enter your body. Mollies are often tied at the waist to children. It is also a black thread. This does not cause any type of disease in the stomach.

10. Psychological benefits: By tying Molly, one feels the sacred and powerful bond and it keeps peace and purity in mind.Bad thoughts do not come in the mind and mind of a person and he does not wander in wrong ways. On many occasions, the person is saved from wrongdoing.

Jai Shree Ram

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