Forgivness Raise you Higher | Art of Forgiving

Art of Forgiveness

Forgiveness raises you higher: The person wants to take revenge on the other, but in this endeavor, he himself gets down a lot.

Once a washerman came to wash the clothes on the banks of the river bank as usual. One Sage  was also meditating on the same place. The washerman asked him to move , he did not listen. The washerman was in a hurry, he asked again and shouted loudly the sage still didn’t listen. Washerman kept on shouting but sage was meditating deeply.Washerman gets angry and he pushed that sage.

Sage’s eyes opened, anger arose, there was a lot of beatings and handgun between them.After small fight they sat in different directions. A person was watching all this from a distance. He came close to the sage and asked, dear sage you did  hurt much ?, he beaten you a lot . Sage asked why did you not come to save me at that time? Why you were watching all this in silence?

The person said, at the time when there was a war between you both  and I could not decide that who is sage and who is washerman.As soon as the sage head these words he understood what he wanted to say.

Retaliation and revenge brings the sage to the level of a washerman. That is why it is said, Do not be bad with bad. On the other hand, by forgiving a person,one rises much higher than his level. In this process, he gives a secret motivation or guidance to the front to rise and change.

Sometimes we retaliate ourselves with vengeance and anger, which we later regret a lot.

 Let us tell you some things related to this. "

1. A decision taken in anger often proves to be wrong, that is why we need to control ourselves.

2. Forgiveness increases our honor, respect and more in the eyes of the person in front.

3. An angry person always hurts himself.

4. Anger is often done by doing that work which causes harm to others and ourselves as well as causing hatred in people's hearts.

5. Whenever you get angry or angry on someone, then we should keep our mind and mind calm (learn to control) or we move to some other place.

Always Do Well

A woman used to cook food for her family members every day and a bread she would cook for any hunger passing there ... She used to keep that bread with the help of the window, which anyone could take

A hunchback person would take that bread every day and instead of giving thanks, he would go on his way, mumbling something like - "Whatever you do bad will stay with you and whatever you do good will come back to you ..".

7 days went by and the process continued .. That hump kept carrying bread everyday and mumbling these words - "Whatever you do bad will be with you and whatever you do good will come back to you."

The woman got fed up with this action and started to say to herself, "What a strange person, a word of thanks is not given, and I do not know what it is but what does it mean, what does it mean." . "

One day he got angry and took a decision and said- "I will get rid of this hump."

And what she did was that she added poison to the bread she used to make for her every day, and as she tried to put the bread on the window, suddenly her hands trembled and stopped and she said- "Hey God, what was I going to do? " And he immediately burnt the bread in the stove of the stove ... Made a fresh bun and kept it on the window.

Like every day, he came to the hunch and took bread: "Whatever you do bad will be with you, and whatever you do good will come back to you". Absolutely oblivious to what is going on in that woman's mind….

Every day when the lady kept the bread at the window, she prayed to God for her son's well-being and good health and return home, which had gone out somewhere to build his beautiful future. He had no news for months….

Just the same evening there is a knock on her door .. She opens the door and is left staring .. Seeing her son standing in front of her ... He had become thin and lean .. His clothes were torn and he was also hungry, he was weakened by hunger ...

As soon as he saw his mother, he said- "Mother, it is a miracle that I am here .. Today when I was a mile away from home, I was so hungry that I fell .. I would have died." ...

But then a hunchback was passing by there .. His eyes fell on me and he lifted me up in his lap .. My soul was dying of hunger .. I asked him to eat something .. He hesitated. Bread gave me this saying- "I eat this every day, but today you need it more than me .. So take this and satisfy your hunger."

As soon as the mother listened to him, the mother's face turned pale and she used the door to help herself ... In his mind, he started to talk about how he had added poison to the bread in the morning, if he had not destroyed the bread in the fire, then his son would have eaten that bread and would have died.

And after this, the meaning of those words was very clear -whatever you do bad will stay with you, and what you do good will come back to you.


Always do good and never stop yourself from doing good, whether or not you are appreciated or praised for that time….

Art of Forgiveness

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