What does hare krishna mean | Hare Krishna Meaning

Hare Krishna" is a  religious chant or mantra which is in practices from the ages. Many organization associate this Mantra from their organization. But if you go through the scriptures you will find out it has been practiced from ancient times.  

Hare Krishna mantra consists of three Sanskrit words: "Hare," "Krishna," and "Rama." "Hare" refers to the divine energy of the Supreme Being, and "Krishna" and "Rama" are two of the names of the Supreme Being in Hinduism.

When the mantra is chanted or sung, it is believed to connect the chanter with the divine energy of the Supreme Being and to bring about a state of transcendental consciousness. For followers of the Hare Krishna movement, the chanting of this mantra is considered a central practice in their spiritual life.

Harey Krishna Mantra Meaning

Krishna is a Sanskrit name of God meaning "all attractive", and Rama is another name meaning "reservoir of pleasure". The divine energy of God is addressed as Hare. Vedic knowledge teaches that since we are all constitutionally servants of God, the chanting of His names is not an artificial imposition on the mind but is as natural as a child calling for its mother. There are two ways to chant the maha mantra: group chanting (kirtan) and softly saying the mantra to oneself (japa). The latter is done by using a string of 108 wooden prayer beads to enhance concentration. In both methods there are no hard and fast rules, and anyone can chant with good results.

Hare Krishna" is a mantra that is commonly used in the practice of the Hare Krishna movement, also known as the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). The mantra is a combination of three Sanskrit words: "Hare", "Krishna", and "Rama".

In the Hare Krishna movement, the mantra is chanted as a form of devotion to Lord Krishna, who is considered to be a manifestation of the Supreme God in Hinduism. The chanting is often accompanied by music and dancing, and is believed to help purify the mind and bring one closer to God.

What Does Hare Krishna Mean | The full mantra is

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

This mantra is sometimes referred to as the "Maha Mantra," which means "great mantra" in Sanskrit

Benefits of chanting

“Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Ram Ram, Hare Hare”

  • Chanting this mantras always gives one a positive vibes. 
  • This mantra Hare Krishna mantra is not an ordinary mantra it is the mantra for Lord Krishna.
  • Chanting Hare Krishna Mantra keeps us energetic, positive, happy, and in blissful state.
  • When people chants in group this gives a feeling of completeness and surrounds when we chant Hare Krishna Mantra.
  • The more we chant Hare Krishna mantra the more closeness we feel with Lord Krishna.
  • Chanting helps us to be more mindful and aware of everything in and around.
  • When you get involve with this mantra you will forget the material pain.
  • Chanting Hare Krishna Mantra helps us to move gradually to the path of spirituality which is the ultimate aim of this birth.
  • Chanting Hare Krishna Mantra helps us inculcate habits which are beneficial to reach the ultimate goal of life.
  • Our faith increases day by day and stronger upon Chanting Hare Krishna Mantra regularly.
  • Chanting Hare Krishna Mantra helps us take a quantum leap from fear to surrender, that feeling of surrender surrounds when we chant Hare Krishna Mantra daily.

what does hare krishna mean

There are many benefits of chanting Hare Krishna Mantra .You need to have utter devotion on Krishna 

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