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Shiv Puran Illuminating Teaching

The Shiva Puran is related to Lord Shiva and his avatars.Important teachings of Shiva puran is consist of to Lord Shiva & his avatars and it highlights about Shiva bhakti,Shiva glory & Shiva's character. Along with this, there is also a description of the glory of the fruits of knowledge, salvation, fasting, penance, chanting, etc. Though there are thousands of knowledge and devotion in Shiva Purana, but we have written only 10 in our language.

1. Money collection: Collect money in a good way and spend three parts of money collected in one part money increase, one part in consumption and one part in religion. This leads to success in life.

2. Renunciation of anger : One should never give up anger nor speak words that generate anger. Anger destroys the conscience and destruction of the conscience causes many crises in life.

3. Renunciation of food: By observing Shivaratri fast, one gets both enjoyment and salvation and attains great virtue. Destiny arises from virtuous deeds and one gets happiness.

4. Evening: The time from sunset to day-end is the time of Lord Shiva while he is looking at Trilokya (all three lokas) with his third eye and he is touring with his Nandi gana. At this time, if a person utters a bitter word, rages, rages, cohabitates, dines, travels or commits a sinful act, he is deeply hurt.

5. Speaking the Truth: The biggest religion for a man is to speak truth or to support the truth, and the greatest iniquity is to speak untruth or to support the untruth.

6. Nishkam Karma: While doing any act or deed, one should become a witness or witness of himself what he is doing. He himself is responsible for everything, good or bad. He should never think that no one is watching his works. If he keeps such feelings in mind, he will never be able to do sinful action. Man should not sin by mind, word and deed.

7. Abandonment of unnecessary desires: There is no greater sorrow than human desires. If a human gets trapped in the web of desires, then he destroys his life. Therefore, Mahasukh is attained only by abandoning unnecessary desires

8. Renunciation of attachment: Every person in the world can have attachment or attachment to some thing, person or situation. This attachment or attachment is the cause of our misery and failure. By performing unarmed deeds while remaining silent, one attains bliss and success.

9. Positive Imagination: Lord Shiva says that imagination is important than knowledge. We become what we imagine and think. Dream is also imagination. Shiva developed 112 methods of meditation on this basis. So imagine well.

10. Be not an animal: As long as there are many animalistic circles like raga, malice, jealousy, disharmony, humiliation and violence, then it is part of animals. Devotion and meditation are necessary for liberation from animal-ism. 

There are many other life lessons which will be updated here on regular basis.

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