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Hello every one ,in this article we are going to read about unheard Lord Shiva Teachings from his nature and his attires.By reading the stories of the gods and goddesses of Hinduism, we get many sutras of life, or rather, the qualities of management. But today we will share about those sources of Lord Shiva, which are very important to our  life and with the help of it everyone can make their life peaceful.

Content of the Article

1.Lessons from the things and stories related to Lord Shiva

2.Lessons from the Nature of Lord Shiva

Mahadev, whom we all also call as Bholenath, whose worship method is the simplest. We have a lot to learn from his life and things. The more simple Shiva is, the more difficult is his form, which has no match. The snake in the neck, the coils of the scorpion in the ears, the trinity on the head, the damaru in the hands, the trident and the vehicle as Nandi. We get to learn many things from this wonderful form of Lord Shiva.

Overall, if you want to learn the art of living, then you can bring the philosophy of Lord Shiva into your life. Shiva teaches to destroy evil and ignorance as well as ego. Every sacred icon placed on his holy body teaches something or the other about the way of life.

Lessons from the things related to Lord Shiva

Vish: The whole world craves for credit and success and everyone wants to be credited for victory, but Shiva teaches us that the team leader must take responsibility for trouble before winning. Be it professional life or personal team head always stands at the fore to take responsibility. This is the message that the story of the churning of the ocean gives us. When the poison comes out, Shiva comes forward and takes the responsibility of facing it, but when the nectar comes out, he first gives it to the deities.

Third Eye: The third eye of Bholenath teaches to look into the aspects of every problem that comes in life. Sometimes what we see can also be wrong, so we should examine it through our conscience.

Neelkanth: Whereas Neela Kanth (blue neck) of Shankar ji teaches us to drink anger. It is said that anger destroys the intellect. It comes like a challenge that you don't let your patience get out of your speech.

Lord Shiva Teaching continues..

Moon: We get the knowledge of staying cool from the moon. There is nothing supernatural and beautiful in the whole universe than the moon, and Lord Shiva never boasted of even holding that very beautiful moon.

Jata: Apart from this, the hair of Lord Shiva is a symbol of unity. Their hair remains united in the form of a bun. Those who teach the lesson of unity in life.

Trishul: Shankar's Trishul, which is the most destructive weapon in the entire universe, destroys evil and darkness and re-awakens light and happiness and prosperity everywhere.

Lessons from Ganga Mata: The presence of Gangaji on Shiva's head teaches that you always remain calm and do your every work with a cool and pure heart. No one can even imagine the purity and coolness of Ganga Mata.

Kamandal: Shiva ji kamandal teaches us that no matter how wise you are, take the knowledge from wherever you are. The way Shankar himself is seated on the head, yet he used to keep the kamandal with him.

Bhabhuta: Bhabhuta, which coated on the body of Bholenath, controls the temperature of the body. Similarly, we should not have any kind of illusion in life. In such a situation, our body temperature will not come under other mental disorders like anger. It will be in control. We should adopt passion and commitment in life.

In this way, we can find a solution to every problem by going through teachings of Lord Shiva.

Damru: On the other hand, Shiva's damru says that your sound is adorned with knowledge, and if any person hears that voice of knowledge, then he will be mesmerized. Whether it is the aarti of the Lord or His message to everyone, to free your body like the sound of a drum. By this all desires will be freed. In this way we can also be free from many mental disorders.

Bark: The bark is a symbol of simplicity. You remember the life and living conditions of any other God, from Indradev to Brahma ji, all people used to enjoy happiness, but Lord Shiva who is the God of gods, the all-powerful, Neelkanth, who is also called Adi Purush, if he wants, in any way. He could have furnished himself, luxurious palace, jewellery, weapons, but he lived a simple life.

Snake: The snake adorned around the neck of Bholenath shows animal love. There is hardly any creature more venomous and fearful than a snake and our Bholenath also befriended that snake with his yoga quality and equipped it around his neck. So if you meditate with yoga practice, you can treat anyone with humility. It is practiced in good yoga institutes or Isha foundations.

Lessons from the Nature of Lord Shiva

Understanding of relationships

Daksha, who was the father-in-law of Mahadev, never considered Mahadev as his relative, he used to abuse Mahadev every moment. If he wanted, he could have given any punishment to Daksha for his mistakes, could kill him, or made him a beggar, but one he respected the son of Brahma ji and secondly he performed every duty of being a son-in-law.

Kamadeva Katha: There is also a story of Shiva consuming Kamadeva when he tries to obstruct Shiva's sadhana. Should be made Don't let any situation come between you and your goal. Make yourself so strong for the destination, that no one can get in your way.

Love for Mother Nature

Peace is as important as success in life, Shiva lives a simple life away from pretensions. They live close to nature and this makes them different from all other deities. The form of Shiva gives the message that do not always engage in the hustle and bustle of life, but take out time to take refuge in nature. So that you always get positive energy.

The meditative state of Lord Shiva is considered a symbol of cleanliness. By meditating, every person can keep his mind and mind healthy and clean. Apart from this, Lord Shiva always remains absorbed in austerity and meditation with concentration in a secluded and uninhabited place. Due to this the person gets away from worldly feelings. Due to this, one gets freedom from worldly vices, lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego and ego.

Be patient and always be calm

Maa Kali Katha: There is also a story of Maa Kali in the famous stories of Shiva, when all the gods together could not pacify Kali's anger, then it was Shiva who pacified his anger. This story teaches that no matter what the situation is, if you remain calm with your mind, have patience, you can win even the most difficult situations.

lord  shiva teachings

Do not differentiate

According to religious texts, Shiva is the only deity who is respected equally by both gods and demons. That is, everyone obeys him. At the same time, they also do not discriminate between them and provide karma based results. Make your person such that you are accepted everywhere. When you talk about something, it should be so right that even the people of the opposition cannot deny it.

So these are things from Shiva and psychic from stories. Hope you all share the qualities of Shiva.

Har Har Mahadev

So these are the teachings from Shiva and psychic from stories. Hope you all would follow and implement the qualities of Shiva.

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